Skin Lightening Treatments at Cienaga Med Spa

Skin lightening is an excellent option for skin conditions that result in an uneven skin tone. We offer skin lightening treatments at Cienega Med Spa that are proven to improve your skin’s health and brighten your complexion. Our team at Cienega Med Spa works hard to make sure you feel confident in the skin you are in. Below we discuss the different skin conditions that respond positively to skin lightening treatments. If you are struggling with any of the following issues, we invite you to give us a call for a free consultation.

Skin Conditions that Improve with Skin Lightening Treatments

Acne Scars

This is one of the most common reasons that people come in for skin lightening treatment. The type of acne scar determines the number of sessions that you may need. Skin Lightening treatments may also be paired with other types of treatments for maximum results.


This condition causes dark patches to appear on the skin. There are a variety of causes. It may be caused by sun damage, certain medications, or hormonal changes. Some seniors may develop age spots that are brown, grey, or brown in color. Hyperpigmentation can occur on the face, chest, and hands. Skin lightening treatments have proven effective on this type of discoloration.


This skin issue usually occurs in pregnant women or in women who are taking oral contraception. Brown and gray patches appear on the skin. Genetic factors, hormonal changes, and how much exposure you have had to UV rays all determine the severity of Melasma. A skin lightening regime usually yields significant results.

Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles are a common complaint. It can be triggered by insomnia, genetics, allergies, and even sun exposure. Dark circles usually require a combination of treatments, including skin lightening treatment.

Uneven skin tone

The medical term for uneven skin tone is dyschromia. It presents with patches of discoloration rather than that spots. There are several causes of uneven skin tone. Smoking, alcohol consumption, sun exposure, pollution, and hormones can all lead to an uneven skin tone. Skin lightening treatments can help restore an even complexion.

If you would like to explore skin-lightening treatment options, Cienega Med Spa can help. You can book a free consultation. Our experienced medical team will work with you to put a customized treatment plan in place. Cienega Med Spa is committed to providing excellent care to our clients. We provide a professional and beautiful environment that will get you back to optimal wellness in no time!

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